Long Hair

We are passionate about upstyling and have the tequniques to create fabulous looks without using products that leave your hair dull and sticky.

Hair up!

Toussled and sexy or classical and elegant? The choice is yours. We love working with your hair to make the most of your face shape and personal style. Vintage or faux-hawk, we’ll have a style to create a wonderful look.


We take braids to the next level and are condident you will be thrilled with our skilled and elegant results.

Setting and finger-waving

You almost only see these tequniques appear on the red carpet but we believe every woman can have their movie star moment. These styles exude glamour and sophistication, whilst allowing you to enjoy your fabulous long hair.

Chelsea Blow Dry

Think Kate Middleton! For long hair that has a natural but ‘how does she do it?’ bounce, a Chelsea Blow Dry is the way to go. This technique involves blow drying, setting and blow drying again. A very aspirational, King’s Road look!