At Broughton Place Hair and Beauty we colour with confidence! A great colour can set off your hairstyle adding texture, shine and a unique glow to your tresses. Whether you want your colour to be dynamic or subtle, we have the answer!


From sunshine blonde to chocolate brown and all the spectrum inbetween, this technique will give your hair an instant lift. We individually place colour in foils to ensure the colour achieves it’s maximum potential.

Finger Texturising

Blonde hair a shade too brassy, grey a tad too cool? Finger texturising can lift, tone and shape your colour and style. This is an amazing technique to achieve a natural but interesting colour and is also great for men and women who have grey hair but want to turn back the clock a few years!


We use Schwarzkopf Professional colour in our salon, as we believe that out of the many tints available they achieve the best results. We often tint with finger texturising to achieve the most natural results.

Colour Correction

Whether your hair is over-processed or you simply want to go from one colour to another or back to your natural tone, we have the tequniques to bring your hair to the look you desire.